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Reasonable prices, high quality, accuracy, speed and efficiency in the translation of documents from Norwegian to English.


Specialization in all fields, including Legal, Oil & gas, Contracts, Education, Business, Shipping, Construction, Art and culture, travel et cetera. See References below or follow this link.

Sound contacts

Good working relationship and years of satisfied customers with many translation bureaus in Norway, Europe and USA that include government agencies, private business and industry and individuals.




Jeffrey Engberg Translations is a professional document translation service, translating more than half a million words a year in these and other fields: Building & Construction, Oil & Gas, Business & Finance, Health & Psychological Services, Shipping, Legal, Education, Military, Government, Environment/Health/Safety, Police documents, Immigration documents, Court documents, Tourism, Art & Culture, and others.

Fast, efficient, and correct

Our philosophy is to translate Norwegian documents into English at a reasonable price, with the highest level of correctness, always before deadline, and of the highest quality.

Quality at a competitive price

Jeffrey Engberg Translations is a sole-proprietorship located in Oslo, operating out of a home office. This keeps overhead low and prices reasonable. Standard Norwegian prices are charged, generally lower than larger agencies with high overhead; quality work is delivered.

Tried and Trusted

Jeffrey Engberg Translations is used as a provider of Norwegian to English translations and is trusted by all the major translation agencies in Norway and dozens of agencies Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Germany, UK, USA and other countries.
Native English speaker living and in Norway since 1986. My translation service prioritizes client confidentiality. My annual output is more than 400 000 words a year in all subjects and fields; please see References below or follow this link.

Member, International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters

ATAMember of the American Translators Association

proz seal Certified professional member, ProZ Certified PRO Network

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Standards of Quality

Current translation projects: Construction contracts / prequalifications for Bane Nor, Vegvesen, Nye Veier; KS-2 Totalentreprise Tangenvika jernbanebru EUH, E5 Råvannstunnel/raw water tunnel Oslo, Double track Sandbukta-Moss-Såstad, NyeVeier E6 Ranheim-Værnes, E6 Roterud-Storhove,  E6 Ulsberg-Vindåsliene.

Current major clients in 2019: Ruter Norge AS, BI Norwegian Business School, JBV/Norwegian railways & Vegvesen (road/rail/tunnel constructions/contracts), BER Bygg og Eiendomsrevisjon AS (technical due diligence on major properties around southeast Norway).














Latest works: Historical books: Roald Amundsen, 1901-1904, captain's journals from "Gjøa" Expedition 1901-1904 (200 000 words). Journal from Amundsen's assistant Peder Ristvedt, 1901-1904, 90 000 words. Ship navigation, sailing, Eskimo culture, biographical, history, hunting. Other books about Carl Anton Larsen, The "Jason" whaling expeditions 1892-1894 and the Swedish "Antarctic" Expedition 1901-1903, captain's journals and letters/communications with home/wife and Nordenskjold.

2012: I translated a book on Narvik 1940, Germany's first defeat in WW2, 80 000 words).

Other translations of importance: Rail/road/tunnel tender contracts that include bills of quantities, specification requirements, contract documents, handbooks for rail operators, signaling, road construction etc.

The information below offers a description of my main areas of expertise as well as a selected list of clients.

Focus areas

Governmental: Political statements, government resolutions, Soria Moria Declaration II, political party statements and strategies and brochures, Laws and regulations/circulars, informative pamphlets and info for many state agencies and departments.

Legal: Laws and regulations/circulars, certificates and attestations, official forms, divorce documents, death certificates, lawyer/client communications, court findings, police reports/fines/denouncements, immigration documents etc.

Business & Financial: General assemblies, annual reports, balance sheets, board of directors' statements, mission statements, reports, business contracts, strategies, marketing, promotional brochures, product descriptions and advertisement campaigns.

Building & Construction: All aspects of building and construction documentation (tunnels, bridges, subways, rail and roadway construction; specifications, descriptions contracts, due diligences, Industrial pre-sale inspections, environmental assessments, property valuations, architectural documents, tender bidding documents and technical descriptions etc. Major road/rail/tunnel/bridge contracts in Norway - key words: NS3420, Konkurranseregler, svardokumenter, håndbok R762E general specifications bridges and quays, håndbok n200 vegbygging, n400, n500 vegtunneler roadway tunnels,håndbok R761 prosesskode 1, R763 Konkurransegrunnlag,

Educational: Extensive experience translating documents for the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training since 2006, educational reports, diplomas and certificates of completion, Europass, dissertations, official curricula and course descriptions, research reports, and departmental studies and findings.

Oil, gas, shipping and mining: Extensive experience in offshore, subsea, land-based exploitation and development. Environmental impact, emergency preperadness offshore, drilling, licensing, Norwegian Continental Shelf, pollution control, DNV, ship and cargo transport and mining.

Military: Norwegian and Scandinavian military contracts, weapons purchases and descriptions, international agreements, strategies, news articles, defence reports etc.

Art, Culture and Leisure: Culinary, fish and foods, arts (visual arts, culture, architecture, archaeology), dance, music, Her Highness Märthe Louise of Norway's Spiritual Angel Institute, genealogy Norway and tourism.

Working Methods

I use the Wordfast Pro translation software, keeping true to original text formatting, consistent glossaries and client Translation Memory databases for uniform client morphology and word use. Xbench for Quality Assurance controls. Documents are translated into MSWord, PDF conversions, fax and image documents, Powerpoint, Excel, etc. Image documents, faxes and pdfs are converted using OCR software to create useful Word documents. I also use Photoshop/Dreamweaver/Acrobat from Adobe.

My 11 years of experience has allowed me to create an extensinve library of source documents that form the basis for TM and Glossary integration making my work accurate and speeding up delivery time. "When in doubt, ask a colleague": I have established relationships for nailing down terminology and solving problems through a network of colleagues at ProZ and Norfag.

Norwegian to English translations / norsk til engelsk oversettelser / traductions norvegien vers anglais / úbersetzungen Norwegisch ins Englische / traducciones de noruego al inglais

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