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Versatility since 2005

I have built up a good relationship with the most serious and significant translation agencies in Northern Europe where difficult and complex documents are concerned. these documents often require expertise in translating within multiple disciplines at the same time and involve complex terminology. This skill has allowed me to survive as a freelance translator for many years. My clients know I deliver correct work on time at a reasonable but fair price.


Certain types of texts require years of experience as a translator to master such as, financial documents, complex legal cases, annual reports & balance sheets, high-end engineering (oil & gas, military machinery and contracts, Statutes, Regulations and the building trades within HVAC/Electro/EHS-QA to name a few). If the job is tricky, the agencies come to me.



Providing work for translation agencies is not easy. Agencies come and go. Project managers find new positions in different fields, often leaving the freelancer out-in-the-cold. The only way to stay alive in this business is to establish long-term agreements with reliable agencies. I have been working 10 years now as a translator for dozens of agencies. Here is a list of those I have worked with these past two years: Adekvat, Aydin, Alfatekst, Amesto, ArnsboMedia, Baltic Media, Bergvall, Better Languages, Bezzina, Boot Translations, DAT France, Easy Translations, Elanex, Folio Translations, Global Langages, Jilias, Kern, Kvalitekst, Language factory, Language power, Legaltrans, Lingo24, Lingoneer, Mahrt, Morote, Multilingues, Noremi, Norengtrans, Noricom, Norsk Tolkeservice, Prestige, Samtext, Shamrock translation, Snelvertaler, Sankt Olav Oversettesle, Strategic Agenda, The Translator, Tolk24, Tolketjenesten, Totaltekst, Wordbank, Xplanation.

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